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member month

IABC is running Member Month in March This is a great opportunity for chapters, regions and headquarters to collaborate on increasing.
The number of individuals participating in an insurance plan each month. Member month is calculated by taking the number of individuals enrolled in a plan and.
Definition of member month: The amount of participants who are considered members each month.

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Most are self-explanatory, but we believe the following terms needed further explanation:. Founder and President of South Asian Youth Society SAYS Towfique is an accomplished alumnus of both the English Access Microscholarship program and the Study of the U.
member month

Net Income After Taxes - All expenses and losses over the year subtracted from all revenues and gains over the year. Service Area by County - also known as "Division", is an operation that meets one of the following conditions:. DRG Diagnosis Related Group - Groups of diagnosis similar in patterns of care received, length of stay, and overall use of services. A member month wont sleep alone enroll and withdraw his or her health plan enrollment for some reasons, member month. TYPE - Basic Full Service HMO - An HMO which provides health care services which an enrolled population might reasonably require in order to be maintained in good health, including, as a minimum, emergency care, inpatient hospital and medical services, and outpatient medical services.

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INCENTIVE WITHHOLD POOLS - A cost containment feature incorporated into physician contracts whereby the HMO withholds a portion of the agreed upon consideration and agrees to pay the amounts withheld back to the physician at the end of the year if the utilization of referral patterns have been favorable. Total Claim Adjustment Expenses - The cost of settling, recording and paying claims. Follow us on Twitter. The right to keep the health coverage is absolute and the members are entitled to keep the coverage once already insured. Company-Wide Data - This data is the sum for all lines of business. Term Of The Day A statistical theory that states that given a sufficiently large sample size from...

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Hospital and Medical Payments - Amount of claims paid for hospital costs, medical provider services, prescriptions, etc. Disclaimer: This website is privately owned and is not associated with or endorsed by any State or Federal government. BREAKING DOWN 'Member Month'.