Fourfour recap

fourfour recap

I'm having a temper tantrum and I don't want anyone reading me even though I'm putting this in a public space! Waaah! Keep moving, keep.
I remember one specific recap taking me over 10 hours to prepare and complete. What a stupid waste of time that was. (Although this did come out of it, and long.
But until then, if you want to check out what would be here (like a Hunger Games review, an essay on why I'll never recap a show again, a video re-edit of this...

Fourfour recap - tour Seoul

This will turn out to be a mistake. Land of the Misplaced Apostrophes. Oh yeah, I'm writing for Gawker now. I am very impressed with all of the actors, who probably know they're making a corny drama, but are all acting their hearts out - Park So-dam makes such a great candy, and so far, her acting is so unaffected. This is the last plot point of Lexie's we got to saw. Thank you for the recap!
fourfour recap

I'm So Into You. Accepting a Razzie Award and an Oscar fourfour recap the same weekend? Ji-woon notes that Hyun-min seems to still think of Hye-ji as his woman, but Hyun-min states that he never. Going over my files, I found the first Tyra gif I ever made in a folder simply titled "Tyra gif. I had a boss once who used the words "highly suboptimal" to describe bad situations.

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