Arent there kingdom hearts remakes xbox

arent there kingdom hearts remakes xbox

Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix and Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix, for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8: Final Chapter.
" Kingdom Hearts III" is in development for PS4 and Xbox One, but it's release date 1) "Final Fantasy XV" and "Final Fantasy 7 Remake " When there aren't any truly substantive details shared at major conferences that.
Still, with the release of Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Final Prologue Chapter then why didn't the Xbox 360 see the HD remakes that the PS3 had seen....

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If devs don't care about the community, why would the community care? Muzikguy don't want to insult you, but you sound like a complete sore looser. Japanese developers themselves kind of moved away from what we consider JRPG en masse, and started to release those games more on mobile. Their games are usually pretty good though, but there are plenty of Japanese games around that I'd say were more geared toward the western audience than the more typical Japanese or otherwise.

arent there kingdom hearts remakes xbox

Fanbase isn't what I would call diverse. As far as more recent "Kingdom Hearts III" developments are concerned, most of those have come from the game's voice actors. I can't help it I see things many can't depending on the situations and can think for. Xbox users are typically NOT fans of JRPGs. Has Video Game Music Lost its Way? The Legendary Game That Drove People Insane Is Getting Remade In VR, But Dare You Press Play? Many, many publishers tried to make money on XB when it first released, from Konami with MGS and Silent Hill, Capcom with Onimusha. Didn't help the gaming press generally panned JRPG's to the point of making them seem obsolete. Top Users Top Users. I'd rather the money that's used on the platform be used to make the game better LOL nice presidential speech you got. That is how it works. Can you list any that isn't FF? You'd think a company that's trying to make money would've connected the dots. Ill be real no one can say with a straight face that xbox is a gears, forza, halo box cause channels voyeur house eric layla hardcore not. What's wrong with bringing past games to current consoles. What do I do!? So you can't say they did not sell. Cant find the article though, do some deep googling Usually when a Japanese game is released, they count the total sales worldwide. Four Ways to Make an Amazing Boss Fight.

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  • Ionic american cartoons in a game developed in japan on a console made in china. I don't think it makes sense.
  • The number one thing I dislike about gamers is when they brag about exclusives and then not buy them.
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KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX — Fight the Darkness Trailer

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Because Square just learned a valuable lesson about were their fan's really are. You won't be able to vote or comment. They aren't being ignored, they ate consciously being overlooked for development due to practical and ethical reasons. There are no numbers for you to search. The Last Remnant and Infinite Undiscovery. Milk is life bro :P "How do you know that Xbox gamers won't appreciate it?

arent there kingdom hearts remakes xbox

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Video teenage hardcore fucking vids only dustin fitch If people get it, it will be sure to extend the sells. That game was very successful. Some people just cant handle the truth i guess. But not releasing the game on Xbox keeps players that are solely Xbox gamers from experiencing the title, which could make them adverse to wanting to play other games from the series in the future. And stop with the they don't want to spend the time to make another version the architecture is almost identical. I DID say, "Maybe Sony showed interest and MS didn't" Maybe Square offered both the chance and let them bid for exclusive rights, and Sony bit, while MS didn' sure why this is news to some people. I never pay attention to the story in games.